About Us

Leisure Vouchers is brought to you by Virgin Incentives, a leading gift card and voucher provider with 25 years' experience in the leisure and incentive industry. We have been at the forefront of the experience day industry since 1989 and acquired the successful Leisure Vouchers brand from Whitbread in 2007 as part of our growing portfolio.

Over the years, we have built up solid relationships with great partners and we are proud to say that Leisure Vouchers are welcomed at some of the country's most popular brands and high street favourites for eating out, attractions, entertainment, holidays and more.

Today, Leisure Vouchers are the widest ranging lifestyle vouchers in the UK, now sporting a fresh, clean new design and logo. The new-look vouchers are backed up by the same great customer service as ever and a highly experienced team to look after all your needs, whether you are buying a few vouchers as thank you gifts or investing in a high-profile incentive, motivation or reward scheme for your business needs.

Receive a Leisure Voucher and you're guaranteed fun times, buy Leisure Vouchers and you're ensured peace of mind.

At Leisure Vouchers we're playing for keeps.