Do Leisure Vouchers have an Expiry Date?

Paper vouchers: Yes, the Expiry Date is printed on the back of your voucher/s so make sure you have your fun before that date! Sometimes the partners in the scheme may change. We'd hate you to be disappointed so it's always a good idea to check that the outlet accepts Leisure Vouchers before you turn up.

Gift card: You have 24 months to spend any outstanding balance which is measured from either the last time you spent on your card or the last time it was loaded. When you received your card you'll have been given an expiry date, but to check your balance or expiry at any point, call 0300 111 0600

For online purchases, rather than using the card's expiry date, you'll need to use the online code printed on the back of the card. For most cards, this is 1227, to be written in the 'card expiry date' field at online checkout as 12/27.

How do I actually spend my vouchers / gift card?

Ooo, this is the fun bit! First browse your choices here, find your favourite and check the instructions on how to use your vouchers. If there are no special instructions, it's easy. For paper – you simply hand them over like cash when you go. For gift card – as long as you have sufficient balance on your card, you simply hand it over and the merchant swipes it through their PDQ machine.

How do I find my nearest outlet where I can spend my vouchers / gift card?

Decide where you want to go from the guide here and visit your chosen brand's website where you'll be able to find your nearest restaurant/store/venue. Top tip: always give them a bell before you make your journey to check that they accept Leisure Vouchers, opening hours etc. You know it makes sense!

What happens if I lose my vouchers / gift card?

Sorry, we can't help with any loss, theft, damage, non-use or unauthorised use of the vouchers / gift card, so please look after them as you would hard cash or your credit card.

Can I use Leisure Vouchers outside the UK?

Leisure Vouchers are currently for use in the UK only. We do have partners who operate abroad as part of our Short Breaks category. We suggest you give them a ring beforehand just to be on the safe-side and then don’t forget to send us a postcard.

Do I have to pay for postage and packing?

Yes, your vouchers / gift cards are as precious as cash so we send them out by Recorded Delivery. This costs £4.99 but keeps them nice and safe. We'll treat you to free delivery on larger orders. Full details can be found here

My vouchers don't look like the same as those on this website. Are they still valid?

Don't worry, we've recently spruced up the design and logo of our paper vouchers and it sounds like you have some of our older style vouchers – but they're still good to use! Check the Expiry Date printed on the back of the paper vouchers; so long as it's before that date your old-style vouchers will still be accepted. And if you have both old and new style vouchers for any reason, it's fine to pay with a mix of the two.

How much money can I put on my Gift Card?

We accept orders of between £10.00 and £500.00 online. If you want to order a larger amount simply call our sales team on 0330 111 0600. Gift cards can be loaded with a maximum of £1000.00.

How do I know how much money is on my Gift Card?

When you first receive it, the amount on your card will be printed on the presentation carrier to which your card is affixed. However to check your balance at any point, you can do so online by following the link on the homepage

Can I get cash back from my Gift Card?

Sorry, the Gift Card cannot be refunded or exchanged for cash but with so many great places to spend, we are confident you’ll find something fun to spend it on.

What does the £4.99 delivery charge include?

The delivery charge is for the packaging and delivery of your order. This includes sending your gift card / vouchers via Recorded Delivery and will require your signature, which means someone will need to be there to sign for and receive the order.

How can I contact you if I have any problems?

Just call our Customer Service team on 0330 111 0600 and they’ll be happy to help.