Away Resorts

Welcome to the world of Away Resorts! We literally love our six holiday parks but more than anything we LOVE creating experiences for our guests that allow you a lifetime of ‘remember when we did that’ moments. Take a break, spend time with a loved one, treat the family or bring Nan and Grandad, however you holiday – jump into our world of Rockstar accommodation, excellent service, relaxation, cream pie splats and explosions of colour! From chalets to caravans, to lodges and glamping, there’s plenty of options to choose from!

Please Note:

Telephone bookings only (please browse the site for options and call 0330 127 7834 to book. Opening times are 9am to 5pm every day)

Terms and conditions apply, please visit for more information.

Once you have booked a stay, you are bound to these terms and conditions.

Please follow these steps when entering your card details on the following site to redeem your Leisure Voucher Gift Card:  

Please select Pay by Credit Card option

Select Mastercard for the Card Type

Enter 16 digit card number on the back of the card

For the Expiry Date please enter the ‘Online Code’ number on the back of the card

Name of card holder, Customer name

The Security Code (CVC2 number) can be found on the reverse of the card

Once all these details are entered please complete other details as requested and confirm your order