With some of the finest examples of historic, authentic pubs in the UK, Nicholson’s Pubs are proud to serve pub classics and seasonal favourites in establishments filled with atmosphere and character. They’ve run a collection of ‘pubs of distinction’ since 1873, so wherever you go you’ll find an iconic dining location loaded with history and providing the perfect setting for every occasion, with warm and inviting hospitality so every guest feels welcome. Keep an eye out for their wide range of ales too – they even have their own best-selling cask ale.

Please Note:

Please follow these steps when redeeming your Leisure Vouchers Gift Card. Please note, only physical gift cards can be used in-store:

  • You can use your gift card as part payment or to cover the whole value of the transaction.

  • The member of staff will manually enter the necessary value into their PDQ machine. Please note, this cannot exceed the amount on your gift card otherwise the transaction will decline.

  • Once entered, they will then swipe your gift card on the side of the PDQ machine to redeem the funds.

  • If the swipe option isn’t available, please ask the staff member to type in the long gift card number on the back of the gift card, followed by the ‘online code’ for the expiry date into the PDQ machine to redeem.