An icon of the British cultural landscape, Waterstones has been bringing books to the British public for over 30 years. Run by booksellers and with a range that includes everything from the latest bestsellers to expert recommendations, cards, gifts and games across over 280 bookshops and online at Waterstones.com, it’s the perfect place to discover something new.

Please Note:

Your gift card must be used in-store.

Please follow these steps when redeeming your Leisure Vouchers Gift Card. Please note, Leisure Vouchers Gift Card and e-Gift Cards can only be used in-store:

  • You can use your gift card as part payment or to cover the whole value of the transaction.

  • The member of staff will manually enter the necessary value into their PDQ machine. Please note, this cannot exceed the amount on your gift card otherwise the transaction will decline.

  • Once entered, they will then swipe your gift card on the side of the PDQ machine to redeem the funds.

  • If the swipe option isn’t available, please ask the staff member to type in the long gift card number on the back of the gift card, followed by the ‘online code’ for the expiry date into the PDQ machine to redeem.